TOMB CAT, 2023


GROUP EXHIBITION - 'THE WINTER SALON - A Collection of Works by Artists in the Stable', Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery, Southport, QLD. Runs to end August 2024. Phone 07 5532 7170 or m. 0418 767 495. Featuring 'Museum Cat' (left).

UPCOMING SHORT COURSE - 'DRAWING WITH CONFIDENCE' with Maryanne Wick, 8 - 12 July 2024, The National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney. For more information, go to:-https://shop.nas.edu.au/products/drawing-with-confidence-1

SOLO EXHIBITION - 'IBERIA ANTIQUA - Still LIfe Painting', Alexandra Sasse Gallery, Melbourne https://alexandrasasse.com/  (Closed)

GROUP EXHIBITION- Invited to exhibit in 'STILL LIFE', Gallery Lowe and Lee, Newtown, Sydney. (Closed)

FUNDRAISING EXHIBITION - 'IGNITE', The Sybil Centre, Sydney University. (Closed)

SHORT COURSE - 'DRAWING AND PAINTING WITH CONFIDENCE' with Maryanne Wick - National Art School (Closed)


GROUP EXHIBITION - 'THE SUMMER SALON', Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery, QLD (Closed) 

ARTISTS IN CONVERSATION - Art Atrium - Jan Cleveringa, Andrew Tomkins, Phaptawan Suwannakudt, Peter Poulet and Maryanne Wick. 

GROUP EXHIBITION - 'SUMMER SOJOURN', Art Atrium, Botany, Sydney (Closed)

AWARD - 'CRUEL, CLEVER, CAT' receives the MACARTHUR AWARD at the 61st Fisher's Ghost Art Awards. Campbelltown Arts Centre.

GROUP EXHIBITION - 'CURATOR'S CHOICE: Selected works from the stockroom and studio', Alexander Sasse, Melbourne (Closed)

GALLERY NEWS - Now represented by Alexandra Sasse Gallery in Melbourne, VIC.


SOLO EXHIBITION - 'MARYANNE WICK: A SENSE OF PLACE AND TIME',  Drawings and Paintings from Spain. Presented by Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney (Closed)        

SOLO EXHIBITION - 'COPITO AND THE LIZARD', Art Atrium, Sydney (Closed)  


GROUP EXHIBITION - 'SUMMER SOJOURN' at Art Atrium, Botany, Sydney (Closed)

FINALIST in the 60th Annual FISHER'S GHOST ART AWARD, Campbelltown City Arts Centre, Campbelltown (Closed)

FINALIST in the LAKE ART PRIZE 2022, 'The Vessel: contained within and moving between'. Museum of Art and Culture, Lake Macquarie, (Closed)

FUNDRAISING EXHIBITION - ARTISTS4UKRAINE - The See Street Gallery, Meadowbank.(Closed)


FINALIST - in the 59th FISHER'S GHOST ART AWARD . Campbelltown City Arts Centre, Sydney (Closed).

INVITED GROUP EXHIBITION - 'ART MUTATION', video art exhibition at Die Bedurfnisanstalt, Hamburg, Germany. (Closed) 


SOLO EXHIBITION - 'A SENSE OF PLACE, STILL LIFE PAINTINGS, 2010 - 2020', Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery, QLD (Closed). 

INVITED GROUP EXHIBITION - 'NEW BEGINNING', Korea-Australia Arts Foundation, Sydney.  (Closed)

GROUP EXHIBITION - 'ART MUTATION ONLINE ART CAMPAIGN '- Online/invited art exhibition, Hamburg, Germany. 


SOLO EXHIBITION - 'THE IBERIANS', Solo Exhibition, Museo Municipal de Valdepeñas, Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real), SPAIN. (Closed).

Click here for more information. https://www.lanzadigital.com/provincia/valdepenas/the-iberians-una-exposicion-pictorica-basada-en-los-restos-arqueologicos-del-cerro-de-las-cabezas-de-valdepenas/

SOLO EXHIBITION - 'EXPOSICIÒN DE MARYANNE WICK', Solo Exhibition, Posada De Los Portales, Tomelloso, Cuidad Real), SPAIN. (Closed).

RESIDENT ARTIST (2018) -  Museo Municipal de Valdepenas (Ciudad Real), SPAIN. 



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