Selected Exhibitions / COPITO AND THE LIZARD, July 2022

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‘Copito and the Lizard’

Art Atrium

2 July to 16 July 2022   (Closed)


Following in the footsteps of ‘Still Life and Saurian’ (2009), ‘Rock, Paper, Lizards’ (2013) and ‘The Garden’ (2015), ‘Copito and the Lizard’ is the latest survey of paintings and collage by artist Maryanne Wick.

The thread through the exhibition is a true story about a local cat, instinctively tempted by a family of native water dragons, into the artist’s garden and, inevitably, into her still life compositions.

‘Throughout the years, I have been exploring the diversity of the still life subject. Through no fault of their own, my compositions are determined by my background, sense of place and surroundings. I will intuitively make a connection to my sense of place, then quietly respond’.

Collected handmade ceramics, exquisite finds from nature, historical artefacts, ubiquitous household objects and various collectibles acquired over time, form and flavour the artist’s compositions.